Batting Leadoff Announces Three New Partnerships

Batting Leadoff is excited to announce three new partnerships with the Sports Analytics Blog, Georgetown Sports Analysis, Business and Research, and the Cornell ILR Sports Business Society Blog. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for exciting collaborations and cross-promotions with each of these unbelievable groups of future sports industry leaders. To learn more about each of these individual groups read below and stay tuned for insightful research and analysis.

Sports Analytics Blog was founded in April 2013 and works everyday to become the premiere website for all things related to sports analytics.  With an inventory of career advice, internship and job opportunities, insightful reading material, interviews with professionals, industry events, Twitter chats, and relevant blog posts, we provide valuable content for all those interested in the industry.  Whether a student looking to join the industry or a fan looking to read up on the latest analytic news, we hope you enjoy our site and come back frequently.

Georgetown Sports Analysis, Business and Research 

The Georgetown Sports Analysis Business and Research Group is a student organization at Georgetown University whose goals are to develop interest and awareness of the sports industry, to educate students about career, internship and education opportunities related to sports, and to engage in sports research. We aim to achieve these goals through attending relevant conferences, writing blog posts, giving informational presentations, hosting guest speakers and working with Georgetown’s varsity athletic teams.

Cornell ILR Sports Business Society Blog

This is the official blog for the Cornell ILR Sports Business Society.  As outlined in our opening remarks, the goal is to provide you with stimulating, sports-related conversation and analysis.  Our academic backgrounds at Cornell University and the Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) School give us a unique perspective to do so.

The ILRSBS is an undergraduate student organization dedicated to involving our members in the sports industry and advancing the world of sports.  Our club supports this mission through four main activities:
  1. Guest speakers and special events
  2. Weekly radio show
  3. (This) blog
  4. Semesterly magazine

Learn more about the club and these other activities through our official website.

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